Sunday, 10 February 2008

Tempus Fugit..........55

The Age of Aquarius had dawned, yawned, stretched and learnt a new wrinkle.*

The Hand of Time waved cheerily as it hastened along.

The Sands of Time fair danced through the eggtimer of existence.

Old Father Time watched gleefully

as the victim was drawn, kicking and screaming,(dragging her feet anyway) towards yet another......BIRTHDAY!

*Find out more about Aquarius and see the original picture at (I would have done a link but I can't remember how - see, the effects of my birthday, my brain's practising for old age!)

ps. At least 2 people, if not 3 have been kind enough to give me awards which I have not got round to acknowledging yet. I'm sorry for the delay and I will sort this out as soon as things round here get a little less hectic.