Friday, 31 August 2007

Behind Closed Doors.......55

I haven't loved you for years, your brutality saw to that.

Fear fooled me into staying "For our son's sake."

Now he's gone, bullied by you, an overdose...

My only child, gone.

I'm leaving.

Don't rouse yourself from drunken stupor.

Unlit gas pours in. Boiler ignites on time. Conflagration!

She watches, then drives away, smiling.

Monday, 27 August 2007

A Project

did a post about this a few days ago and I thought it seemed like a good idea.You can find out more by clicking here

Friday, 24 August 2007

Messing about on the Water...........55

Was coming home a day early a mistake?

At least now she knew.....

Blood in the water actually works Darling!

He couldn't move but he was totally aware......of the knife.....the cuts.....

They're here!

She smiled into terrified eyes, and tipped him overboard.

She knew he was happy

He loved sleeping with dinner guests!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Here's One I Made Earlier

I am really tired this week, so just to keep things ticking over until I find the energy to do more (I am in the middle of writing a story too mind you) here's a bit of literary bubble'n'squeak.

And so to bed...

I lie beside you watching as you sleep
And for your manly beauty I could weep
Recalling passion lost so long ago
Forgetting for a moment all I know

Reality steps in, my fancy stalls,
As you in slumber start to scratch your balls
Without demur the same hand you then put
Around the back so you can scratch your butt

Sweet memories embracing me no more
As opening your mouth you start to snore
At last my disillusionment complete
When rudest wind erupts to raise the sheet

My dreams are dashed and driven from my head
Starting tomorrow you'll have your own bed

By Pauline

Friday, 17 August 2007


Oh no! The door's wide open! Where's George?

Desperately she scanned the busy road. No sign!

Closing the door, she began a frantic search of the house, tears welling as the possibilities assailed her imagination.

"George!,"she cried, "Where are you?"

Squealing brakes outside........THUD!

"George!!" she screamed, crumpling, sickened, inconsolable.



He's here!

Monday, 13 August 2007

Decisions Decisions and an Award

As I said before, I have been pondering the future of this blog. This came about because I had been travelling around the blogosphere and on my travels I'd seen so many instances of sheer nastiness and bitchiness that I was left feeling quite disgusted. It never ceases to amaze me how often human beings, when given the opportunity to reach out and communicate, will reach out in hatred and vilification of total strangers without a thought for the consequences of their miserable outpourings of vitriol.That, together with an incident which I cannot go into here, made me wonder if the blogosphere was a place worth visiting at all. I was ready to turn my back and exit blog left.

Then I decided that I needed to balance my disillusionment with some positivity so I visited some of my usual haunts and I looked at the comments left here over the last few weeks and in so many of the aspects of those pages I found creativity and humour, things which I have enjoyed and which I see no reason to sacrifice for the sake of a demented minority.

I realised that the blogosphere is a microcosm of the human condition and that there will be bad bits and good bits right? There will be predators, psychotics and all manner of fruit loops out there on display and sometimes trying to drag down that which they envy or cannot understand. On the other hand there are some genuine people out there who simply wish to express their creativity and share it with others. Luckily the former group is easily identified (if only because so many of them choose to sign themselves 'anonymous') these elements can only do harm if they are allowed to do so and I for one refuse to take their poison or involve myself in their sad games.

Instead, I choose to 'accentuate the positive' and so folks here I will stay sadder maybe, wiser too but still as mad as a bag of squirrels! Anyone who doesn't like it is hereby cordially invited to suck on a bag of lemons 'til their head explodes.

So, that said, I must thank Akelamalu who recently honoured me with this

rather surprising award which I can now proudly display, and in turn I would like to pass it on to:
Cathy, Ali, Blanco, Lime, Val,ebezp and Snowelf because they all make me laugh and that helped me to put things in perspective and inspired me to stay.

So, thanks again Akelamalu, thanks everyone for your encouragement to stay and I'll be seeing you all for many posts to come!

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Thanks L.C. for the Inspiration ...55

Some of you may have seen this over at my sister Cathy's place. It is one of mine though so don't go worrying that I've taken to plagiarism. I've had a busy week and I am mulling over a particularly thorny and unpleasant problem at the moment which involves considering the future of this blog. More about that maybe when I've analysed the situation thoroughly. So in the meantime I hope you will forgive me for rehashing this early offering.......

Twas brilig and the slithy toves had just done gyring and gymbling in the mire and were wondering what to do next. The borogroves were still a bit mimsy and probably not ready to drink yet. The threshers were shut and the sans berets couldn't sell borogroves after 3pm on a brilig. Oh mire !

Monday, 6 August 2007

Screaming Meme Monday

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh! I've been tagged by Blancodeviosa to answer 5 questions so here goes...

Where do you picture yourself in 5 years and why?

I don't plan that far ahead any more. Recent events make plans seem futile.

What is you favourite memory of childhood ?

Sitting on the floor next to my grandad watching the shapes in the flames of an open fire.

If you could choose your parents, would you change ?

No, but I might change some of the things they did.

Do you think we just exist or do we have a specific purpose ?

I'm not sure we do exist. Today I choose to believe that the gods are playing Sims and that our purpose is to entertain them, maybe.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why ?

Somewhere with lots of animals and not many people, Noah's Ark forinstance or next door to Grizzly Adams because people mostly annoy me.

OK so now I get to inflict this on 5 more people and I get to ask 5 questions. So, Cathy, ali, Snowelf, ebezp and Val, here are your starters for 10....

1. If you could remove one evil from the world what would it be ?

2. What is your most enduring memory of your teenage years ?

3. If you were to leave everything to one good cause what would it be ?

4. What was your greatest treasure as a child ?

5. If you could choose anyone at all, who would you invite to dinner ?

Friday, 3 August 2007

Guaranteed Weight Loss Programme.......55

Lose weight, eat less, do more ? How dare he! A size 10, run off her feet, with hardly time to eat! He'd meant to hurt her, bastard!

Still, she'd taken his 'advice'.

She'd studied..

..... made his favourite treat....... watched him eat.... perhaps she should've thanked him?

After all, she'd just....

lost 168lb in 10 minutes.