Friday, 28 September 2007


He watched her work the room.
Sashaying from man to man,
a word, a smile, a familiar gesture,
adding to the knights around her table.

He'd been there, dazzled by her light
uplifted by her merest murmur,
taken for all he had......
and yet.....

He smiled a bitter smile...

He'd do it all again tomorrow.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Dancing Bears....there is no excuse

See the gaily dancing bear
In town every day
See him turn and stand up tall
See him wave and sway

He's just like my teddy bear
With whom I love to play
Could we take him home at all
So he can dance all day

Bear cubs are stolen from the den while the mother is out looking for food or after the thieves have killed her

The cub is held down while a large needle is used to make a hole through the bear's nose and palate and a rope is forced through the hole. No anaesthetic is used. The wounds often become infected and the constant chafing of the rope prevents healing.

The jerking of the rope causes the bear extreme pain and makes him move his legs up and down. The 'dancing' is actually the bear hopping from foot to foot in agony.

To protect the 'handler' the bears teeth are ripped out and sold as good luck charms.
Without his teeth the bear cannot eat the proper foods and many suffer from digestive problems and malnutrition.

The average life expectancy of a bear in the wild can be up to 30 years.
The average life expectancy of a 'dancing' bear is 8 years.

Somehow I don't feel like dancing, do you?

If you want to help STOP this and other abuse against animals, a visit heremight be a good place to start.

Thursday, 20 September 2007


I thought I'd have a change this week just so you all don't think macabre is all there is to me, or to put it another way, so I won't be committed any time soon. Of course if anyone is desperate for the macabre just say so and I'll see what I can do. In the meantime here are one or two memories........


We'd sit on the doorstep, jostling each other for the best position - each wanting to be the first to see him.

After what seemed like an eternity, he'd appear at the corner.
With shrieks of delight we'd race to him.....our reward?
Packets of Beechnut gum,

thrupenny bits or......

just to hold hands

with Grandad.


Every weekend, rain or shine, travelling on two buses......
you'd visit.

Shopping bag packed to overflowing....
"I was on the market love, I saw these so I brought you some." Or,

"Here's the knitting for the kids."

Three perfectly knitted suits in flecked wool, one pink, one blue, one yellow...... and a jumper.

Thanks Grandma!



We stood for hours
Just you and I
In the pouring rain

Looking out across the garden

Mum called out, "Any sign yet?"
"No, mummy, not yet!"
"Are you alright?"
"Yes, we're OK"

You looked at me,
"Don't worry, I won't leave you.
Dad will see the vet was wrong.....
You're not going to vomit."

Friday, 14 September 2007

Thinking Inside the Box......55

(Warning ! contains image that may scare the beejasus out of someone)

Total Darkness .....Where am I? long?

Something's crawling over me, I....can't....move!

Stay calm.

Just feel around......a box??

What's that smell? Damp earth.....on my chest??


Lips drawn back in sheer terror........ nails clawing desperately.....



NOT DEAD...........
he whimpered.


I will be posting my 55 offering later today, to be honest I haven't written it yet, but there is something else I want to say, and I might as well say it now. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Even those of you who are kind enough to visit regularly would be hard put to to say that you know much about me. This is entirely my responsibility as I have chosen, on the whole, not to write about personal details and even my profile is less than forthcoming. The one thing that is known is that I have a brother and sister who also blog. This has never been a secret but I would point out that having a brother or a sister is not the same as being them and neither does it entail being their keeper.

Were I to make a comment on someone's blog which caused offence, either to that blogger or their readers, I would expect and deal with the reactions of said blogger and/or readers. As it happens I choose to follow the adage "If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything."
So, to the best of my recollection, I have made no offensive or nasty comments, not that I'm any kind of angel, I just consider such behaviour to be extremely childish and a complete waste of time.

Therefore, should my brother or sister make a comment that, either intentionally or otherwise, causes offence I do not appreciate third parties taking a swipe in my direction whether or not it is in the name of defence of another blogger. Take it up with the sibling concerned, they are both more than capable of defending themselves should the occasion arise ( as for that matter are most of the bloggers I have encountered) and they neither require nor expect my intervention or involvement. Do not seek to drag me into your petty squabbles, if anything, you will only succeed in boring me for a moment.

If I disagree with a comment made by my brother or my sister I will make such clear by my own comment and it is my own comment for which I am responsible, no one else's. It is not my role to apologise for, or even defend their actions nor do they expect me to. Anyone who wishes to stop by here, have a read and leave/ not leave a comment is welcome to do so. If a comment is downright offensive I will delete it, as is my right, simply because playground behaviour does not interest me.

In reality I know that there are those out there who will find it impossible to restrain themselves from lashing out wildly. I consider that fact to reflect more on their own characters than on anything else and would even venture to suggest, were I able to summon the interest, that they are more involved in pursuing their own ends than in defending anyone else.

I trust this makes my position clear and teaches those in any doubt a little about who I am.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

What did you serve with the soup darling?........55

The room is quiet,cool, bright.

Good, he doesn't like darkness.

He's completely paralysed, mute, yet totally aware beneath the crisp sheet......

Footsteps........Doctor's Rounds?......something pulls his toe.

"Drawer 20"

Wheels squeeeeak.......squeeeeeak.......squeeeeeak.......

Oh God! ......No ooh!

Door Clangs


Pleeease ! I'm not dead !!

His terrified screams are heard.........

only in his tormented mind.