Monday, 6 August 2007

Screaming Meme Monday

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh! I've been tagged by Blancodeviosa to answer 5 questions so here goes...

Where do you picture yourself in 5 years and why?

I don't plan that far ahead any more. Recent events make plans seem futile.

What is you favourite memory of childhood ?

Sitting on the floor next to my grandad watching the shapes in the flames of an open fire.

If you could choose your parents, would you change ?

No, but I might change some of the things they did.

Do you think we just exist or do we have a specific purpose ?

I'm not sure we do exist. Today I choose to believe that the gods are playing Sims and that our purpose is to entertain them, maybe.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why ?

Somewhere with lots of animals and not many people, Noah's Ark forinstance or next door to Grizzly Adams because people mostly annoy me.

OK so now I get to inflict this on 5 more people and I get to ask 5 questions. So, Cathy, ali, Snowelf, ebezp and Val, here are your starters for 10....

1. If you could remove one evil from the world what would it be ?

2. What is your most enduring memory of your teenage years ?

3. If you were to leave everything to one good cause what would it be ?

4. What was your greatest treasure as a child ?

5. If you could choose anyone at all, who would you invite to dinner ?