Sunday, 1 July 2007

I Don't

Darling I would marry you
But I'm not that insane
I have a business, house and car
So just what would I gain ?

True love is an imbalance
Of bio-chemistry
So the passion we are feeling
Is mere insanity

I don't need to do your laundry
Or roll your socks in pairs
And I won't see my bathroom sink
Full of your nasal hairs

I don't need to cook great meals
For some ungrateful guy
Who wouldn't even notice
If I fed him dog meat pie*

I won't be disappointed
By your disloyalty
When you make your sad excuses
Or tell your lies to me

You won't take me for granted
Or cause my love to die
Your cruellest indifference
Will never make me cry

So be a prince my darling
And frog like hop away
I'll sign no crazy contract
To spoil my happy day!

* just so long as it came with chips!

Anyone who still doubts that I am happily single, read again,
Farewell My Love, And So to Bed and Tell Me Again Why I Married You and then ask yourself, Do I seem anxious to enjoy marital disbliss ?