Monday, 2 July 2007

Honorary Girl Blogger Award

So, as you may have noticed, I was recently awarded a Rocking Girl Blogger badge.
I was a little disappointed while awarding the badge to 5 new recipients that I was unable to include some of my favourite blogs because they are written by Boy Bloggers. Anyway, problem solved. The amazing Lime, made a comment that we should make Dan an honorary girl blogger Brilliant idea Lime! So I have adjusted the badge accordingly and will nominate my 3 (not 5 because it takes a really special Boy to be an Honorary Girl). This award can be made by Rocking Girl Bloggers only, if that's you and you would like to give a worthy Boy Blogger this award, feel free!
My nominations are Travis who, as I said recently, writes belting stories, Dan who is a great guy and who gave us the array of badge colours now available and Michael because apart from being my brother, he is soooo funny. Sorry boys, you don't get to nominate, but then do you really want to be calling fellow boys honorary girls? I suspect not. Choose your badge and wear it proudly!(matching skirts and handbags optional).

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the creator of the Rocking Girl Blogger award Roberta Ferguson, great idea Roberta!