Tuesday, 19 June 2007


My beloved German Shepherd, Heidi, died suddenly while playing with her companion, Anya,today. I cannot sufficiently express the devastation I feel. My Forgetmenots poems were inspired by my grief over losing my long time companion GS Siana. I was only just beginning to come to terms with losing her just over 2 years ago.

I was blessed by Heidi's company and affection for only a short time (she would have been 2 years old next month) yet the pain of losing her is hardly less. I cannot believe she has been stolen from me. I never even had a chance to save her though I tried desperately to resuscitate her.

I am glad that she did not suffer and that she died as she had lived happily playing with her friend and in my arms at the last breath. I am sure that she knew she was loved. I greave her loss and the hole she has left in my life.

If there is someone you love make sure they know it always, you cannot take time for granted.