Friday, 12 October 2007

The Sun Doesn't Shine From His Backside, But I bet I Could Beat Out a Rainbow

When we were kids you were bullied.
I said I would wait and catch each of those responsible
as they'd caught you.
They met me en masse at the school gates.
It made no difference, they were dead meat.

Now you're being bullied again.
We're older, true.
Methods may change.
Nothing else ever will.

Bonus 55

Flying Visit

She'd told them many times,

"Nobody messes with my family..."

But they hadn't listened, no, they hadn't believed her capable of it.

That was good, now they'd never suspect.

Bending close she whispered,

"You shouldn't have hurt her ! "

He writhed, froth bubbling, eyes pleading then............glazed.

She stepped over him.

At the airport, she smiled.