Thursday, 20 September 2007


I thought I'd have a change this week just so you all don't think macabre is all there is to me, or to put it another way, so I won't be committed any time soon. Of course if anyone is desperate for the macabre just say so and I'll see what I can do. In the meantime here are one or two memories........


We'd sit on the doorstep, jostling each other for the best position - each wanting to be the first to see him.

After what seemed like an eternity, he'd appear at the corner.
With shrieks of delight we'd race to him.....our reward?
Packets of Beechnut gum,

thrupenny bits or......

just to hold hands

with Grandad.


Every weekend, rain or shine, travelling on two buses......
you'd visit.

Shopping bag packed to overflowing....
"I was on the market love, I saw these so I brought you some." Or,

"Here's the knitting for the kids."

Three perfectly knitted suits in flecked wool, one pink, one blue, one yellow...... and a jumper.

Thanks Grandma!



We stood for hours
Just you and I
In the pouring rain

Looking out across the garden

Mum called out, "Any sign yet?"
"No, mummy, not yet!"
"Are you alright?"
"Yes, we're OK"

You looked at me,
"Don't worry, I won't leave you.
Dad will see the vet was wrong.....
You're not going to vomit."