Saturday, 26 January 2008

Nursery Crimes...The Truth Behind The Rhymes




Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall
Exuberant as ever and having a ball
Crowing to all what a difference it made
Bragging that he had been recently laid

Then, experts would have us believe, he just fell
And expired by accident-WHAT? Did he hell
If you will allow me I'd like to explain
Explode this old myth and perspective regain
The truth is in that which Humpty exclaimed
Therein lies the answer to how he was maimed

Exactly what happened, if I might make so bold
Is that, on hearing love's virtues, by Humpty extolled
Chicken Little was anxious his claims to explore
To expose the 'love interest' as some kind of whore
So she wandered afar and she wandered anear
And came back with a truth that was shattering to hear

Humpty didn't expect - it was hard to believe
It was cracking him up and he needed to leave
By means expeditious - scrambled to his feet
His world had exploded, he was feeling the heat
Extremely upset by the news that he'd heard
He thought he could fly so he made like a bird

In true tragic style his own end he found
As he failed to take off and experienced the ground

And as for the king's men, they were soldiers you see
They went straight for the yolk, and the rest's history

But they weren't the culprits in Humpty's demise
No, Humpty was killed by a Chicken's surprise

So what, be exact, did the chicken uncover?
What fatal fact did she bring to her brother?
Well, imagine how you'd feel ,were you to discover
That the chick that just laid you was really your mother!