Friday, 9 November 2007

Cathy Said.......55 and bonus poem

Cathy said "Go kill someone!" and so to keep her happy, I have! ( Not literally you understand.) For all you fans of joy, hope, ickle pink fluffy bunnies and the lesser spotted less macabre Pauline, what can I say? Blame my naughty little sister!

Fatal Weakness (Access Denied) 55

You gazed into my eyes for hours
I loved you truly
We shared our deepest thoughts and feelings
and so deeply
Spent nights of endless passion, declared ourselves soulmates
even madly

Tears of blood spatter my face
Leaving you this way rents my soul asunder
It must be so
Another door silently closes
I smile.

Smoking Kills

I know you love your cigarettes

You need your daily fix

And so inside each one I've put

The nicotine of six

And at the rate you smoke them

Say eighty every day

You'll soon have smoked enough I think

For us to do away

With dirty ashtrays everywhere

And cig butts down the loo

In fact you'll find you've smoked enough

To do away with you!